Surgically Clean Air Purifiers

Breathe easy. The air at Winston Churchill Dental is pure and clean, with your health in mind. Winston Churchill Dental uses Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to remove pollutants and airborne contaminates from our office. This air purifier not only filters the air, it also sterilizes it. The air is so fresh, you won’t even know you are in a dental office. Fresh air will also enhance your comfort during your visit at any time of year. Airborne odors, gasses, disinfectants, viruses or bacteria are greatly diminished in our office, even during flu season.

How it works

By using a six-stage purification system of filters and UV lights, we ensure that the air you breathe is clean, healthy and odour free. In stage 1, large dust particles are captured. Small microscopic particles are captured in stage 2. A carbon filter absorbs unhealthy odours, chemicals and gases in stage 3. A high intensity filter destroys bacteria and viruses, while another filter creates radicals to decompose odours, VOCs and bacteria in stages 4 and 5.  Finally, in stage 6,  negative ion output re-energizes the clean air before circulating it back into the room.

Enjoy a fresher, more comfortable dental visit at Winston Churchill Dental.