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Air Purifiers

Winston Churchill Dental uses two different air purifiers to keep our patients healthy: Surgically Clean Air Purifiers and a HEPA/UV-C Air Purifier…

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Surgically Clean Air Purifiers

Winston Churchill Dental uses Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to remove pollutants and airborne contaminates from our office. By using a six-stage…

blue_Intraoral camera
Intra Oral Camera

Watch your teeth on TV! Using a high-resolution digital intraoral camera, we give you a tooth-by-tooth video examination, which we then view…

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Patient Education

Whether you’re learning about implants or good oral hygiene, CAESY’s interactive programming and 3D animation help make the topic easier to grasp…

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Laughing Gas

Digital X-Ray Laser Technology Laughing Gas Intraoral Camera Zoom! Whitening Casey Patient Education Surgically Clean Air Purifiers Relax. Our…

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HEPA/UV-C Air Purifier

To improve our indoor air quality, Winston Churchill Dental uses Germ Guardian Air. These 3-in-1 purifiers filter the air in each room…

blue_Laser tech
Laser Technology

Advances in laser technology have allowed us to optimize treatments while reducing discomfort and the risk of infections. SIROLaser SIROLaser is a…

Digital X-Ray

Winston Churchill Dental utilises digital radiography. With digital radiography, we can immediately view x-rays on the chairside monitor with the…

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Winston Churchill Dental uses the most modern technology to make your dental experience comfortable and pleasant. It begins as soon as you walk into our office and breathe the air that has been cleaned and purified of pollutants. Consultations are done with interactive education software so you completely understand your treatment plan. Laughing gas, laser technology, digital x-rays and intra oral cameras are just some of the equipment we use to keep you comfortable during your treatment. See the links below to find out how modern technology and comfortable dentistry go hand in hand at Winston Churchill Dental.

Zoom Laser Whitening

A whiter smile in just one visit

Enjoy a brighter, whiter and more beautiful smile in just one visit. Zoom whitening is a safe, proven and effective method to whiten your teeth.
If you are a busy individual on the go, this technique is for you. Call us to book your Zoom Whitening appointment.