Children’s Dentistry

Fun, Innovative Children's Dentistry Programs

Winston Churchill Dental loves kids and it shows. We specialize in children’s dentistry featuring fun, innovative and free programs designed especially for children as young as three. Kids enjoy coming to our office, and you’ll enjoy knowing that your child is learning how to have a healthy smile for life.

Children's Dentistry Summer Camps

Specialists in Children’s Dentistry

Parents know the importance of good dental health and starting healthy habits early. However, sharing that knowledge with children can be a challenge. That’s why Winston Churchill Dental has a variety of children’s dentistry programs especially designed for children as young as three. We want kids to be excited to visit us because it is a place of fun, games, and learning. From our innovative Sugar Bugz Be Gone program to free camps and graduation ceremonies, your child will love to visit Winston Churchill Dental!

Sugar Bugz Be Gone

The Sugar Bugz Be Gone theme is at the heart of our children’s dentistry program. You will see Sugar Bugz featured in bright, colourful murals in and near the children’s play area as soon as you enter the office. Sugar Bugz are funny, diverse cartoon characters that have wandered away from home.  We teach children how to help the Sugar Bugz get back to their undersink world using healthy dental habits. The Sugar Bugz Program includes a special story book, a colouring book, fun activity sheets, report cards, goody bags and even a Tooth Hero graduation ceremony.

Tooth Hero Graduation Ceremony

After introducing your child to the Sugar Bugz Be Gone children’s dentistry program, we send them home with a goody bag that includes a Smile Keeper Chart. Children must complete The Smile Keeper Chart over ten days, charting healthy brushing habits and good food choices. The children are then rewarded with a graduation ceremony where they become Tooth Heroes! They receive a T-shirt and special graduation folder with a certificate. We proudly display the photos of our newest Tooth Heroes on a special wall in our office. As a result, kids can’t wait to become Tooth Heroes and are actually excited to see the dentist. See the video below to view a Tooth Hero Graduation ceremony.

Free March Break and Summer Camps

Winston Churchill Dental is always striving to be a great community participant, which is why we host Half Day Camps throughout the year, especially around March Break and Summer Holidays. These camps are free, fun, educational and a great opportunity to introduce your little one to a dental office. Kids will enjoy a fun and interactive presentation by a Registered Dental Hygienist.  There are lots of crafts and games to help your child learn how to maintain a healthy smile for life. Every child gets a goody bag to take home when the day is done .

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Children’s Dentistry: Pre-Schoolers Introduction to the Dental Office

Your child’s first impression of the dentist will last a lifetime. At Winston Churchill Dental, we want that impression to be a fun, friendly and gentle experience, ensuring good habits and a healthy smile for life. That’s why our children’s Dentistry programs include our innovative Dental Office Introduction for Preschoolers program. This is NOT a first dental exam… instead, it is a fun and positive way of getting your child acquainted with what he or she can expect when you are ready to book their first appointment.

We designed this program for children ages 2 to 4 that have never been to a dental office before. According to the Canadian Dental Association, this is the perfect age to create healthy habits that will prevent future dental problems.

Sessions incorporate both children and their parents. We will take children individually to the treatment room where they will experience a dental setting for the first time. We invite your child to sit on the chair while we introduce them to the dental tools in a friendly and non-threatening manner. Children will also have the opportunity to try on the protective glasses, put on a bib and lay back in the chair as they would during their first visit. We reward each child with a toy, sticker and a loot bag after the session.

These activities will be geared toward dental education in a fun and engaging manner. Before going home, all kids will receive a balloon too!

Our Dental Office Introduction for Preschoolers program is a positive and fun experience that kids love. More importantly, it sets the standard for a lifetime of good oral health. Best of all, it is absolutely free.