Patient Education

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We consider patient education to be an integral part of our dental care, which is why Winston Churchill Dental uses the CAESY patient education system to illustrate and explain your treatment plan. Whether you’re learning about a surgical procedure like implants or something as simple as good oral hygiene, CAESY’s interactive programming has a video for you.The CAESY patient education system lets you digest the information at your own pace – right in the comfort of our well-appointed clinic. It uses real images and 3D animation to fully illustrate the procedure you are considering. This makes the topic easier to grasp and the information more memorable, helping you to be comfortable with your procedure.

How our Patient Education works

We want you to have full and complete understanding of any dental procedures, treatments or maintenance before you start so you can make the most informed decision possible. We will watch the educational video together and then have a conversation to answer all of your questions.  In some cases, like dental implants, we will watch multiple videos and explain the pros and cons of each option. We often have samples of materials to show you as well. This will help you understand why we are recommending a certain treatment and what you can expect during the procedure. In all cases, the videos contain real images and animations using simple and clear language to eliminate any confusion.

Our patient education system is also used to explain and demonstrate good oral hygiene practices. Though we can explain how to floss and brush correctly, it is much easier to remember when you can actually see how it should be done.

You should always know what to expect and what your options are. At Winston Churchill Dental, we make sure you are always educated and informed about your oral health.