Monthly Dental Trivia Winners

Monthly Dental Trivia Winners

Every month Winston Churchill Dental presents different trivia questions and offers gifts especially for you.

The winner of this month’s trivia will receive an Oral-B power toothbrush.

Click Here if you wish to participate.

Previous Winners: WCD Birthday Gift Draw Oral B Toothbrush

January 2019: Connie Hoang
December 2018: Gagan Grewal
November 2018: Vanessa Co
September 2018: Marlon Saldanha
August 2018: Courtney Kohen
June 2018: Andrew D’Alessio
May 2018: Chelsea Rosales
March 2018: Philip Corvetti
February 2018: Philip Corvetti
January 2018: Philip Corvetti
November 2017: Helen Peng
September 2017: Scott Kohen
August 2017: Swatantranand Alleear
May 2017: Allan James
April 2017: Mungurduth Ghoorah
January 2017: Lubelia Gemmiti
December 2016: Rhonda Knaud
November 2016: Shaina Suleman
October 2016: Aya Hamade
September 2016: Al Quinton
August 2016: Jon Bagalesca
July 2016: Mena Mendes
May 2016: Zeena Hamoudi
April 2016: Shainur Suleman
March 2016: Susan Zebib
February 2016: Micheal Fitzpatrick
January 2016: Haven Ireland