How to Help Kids Who are Scared of the Dentist

Little girl at dentist looking up and smiling.

Regular dental check ups are an important step in keeping your child’s mouth healthy. At WCD, we know that not every parent is excited to make that trip to the dentist, especially if your child is scared or apprehensive. Most children will outgrow this phase or fear as they become more accustomed to the dental setting or by accompanying a parent or sibling to their own dental visit. The following tips may help alleviate the anxiety of a dental visit for your little one.

Choose a kid friendly dentist: Opting for an office that makes visiting the dentist special for your child may be key. Simple things such as a games, books or toys will offer your child a fun aspect to their dental visit. At WCD, we have a dedicated dental underwater world waiting to be explored. A kid’s corner complete with video games and books awaits your child.

Start early: Your child’s first visit should be shortly after they get their first tooth. Routine visits before any problems arise make for stress free visits and often eliminate the need for emergency visits.

Do a meet and greet: Please feel free to bring your child in prior to their appointment to check us out! Have them visit our kid’s corner and to meet our friendly team members. Knowing where they will be going and what to anticipate can put them at ease.

Schedule your child with the same dental provider: Building a rapport and sense of trust in the dental hygienist or dentist your child sees regularly gives them the “I know this” factor. They are familiar with the office, the provider and will be calm and collected during their dental visit.

Forget your own dental demons: If you yourself dread seeing the dentist, your child can pick up on this. Watching your calm, fun demeanor will go a long way in making your child calm and comfortable.

“Don’t worry. It won’t hurt.”: Avoid saying this. Although it’s meant to reassure your child, he or she will focus on the word hurt. Dental check ups and most first time visits are nearly always pain free so avoiding the concept of hurt altogether.

At WCD we strive to provide you and your family with the best dental care possible. Call us now to set up your child’s dental appointment or stop by for a short visit and tour. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Kate Bazydlo, Winston Churchill Dental